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SO ED Abdominal Pain.pdf50.1KB08/17/2015
SO ED Chest Pain.pdf52.8KB08/28/2015
SO ED Diarrhea and-or Vomiting.pdf48.8KB08/17/2015
SO ED Dyspnea.pdf47.1KB08/17/2015
SO ED Extremity Injury Imaging.pdf79.1KB08/27/2015
SO ED Fever.pdf286.1KB10/20/2016
SO ED Flank Pain.pdf50.6KB08/17/2015
SO ED Level 1 (Major) Trauma.pdf284KB12/04/2015
SO ED Level 2-3 (Minor) Trauma.pdf279.9KB12/04/2015
SO ED Overdose.pdf278.8KB02/15/2016
SO ED Psych Signs and Symptoms.pdf281.5KB07/14/2017
SO ED Simple Laceration.pdf48.8KB08/17/2015
SO ED Suspected Foreign Body to Eye.pdf45.6KB08/17/2015
SO ED Suspected Sepsis.pdf252.5KB10/20/2016
SO ED Unilateral Weakness or S-S of Stroke.pdf54.4KB08/17/2015
SO ED Weakness-Dizziness.pdf47.4KB08/17/2015
SO EDPED Abdominal Pain.pdf46.9KB08/17/2015
SO EDPED Diarrhea and-or Vomiting.pdf47.8KB08/17/2015
SO EDPED Dyspnea.pdf47.3KB08/17/2015
SO EDPED Extremity Injury Imaging.pdf79.7KB08/27/2015
SO EDPED Fever.pdf70.4KB08/17/2015
SO EDPED Level 1 (Major) Trauma.pdf50.8KB08/17/2015
SO EDPED Level 2-3 (Minor) Trauma.pdf48KB08/17/2015
SO EDPED Psych Signs and Symptoms.pdf46.2KB08/17/2015
SO EDPED Simple Laceration.pdf49.9KB08/17/2015
SO EDPED Suspected Foreign Body to Eye.pdf48.6KB08/17/2015